Hall Of Fame Members

Class of 1996

Shag ElliottA long time bowler from the Lodi area
John HendershotA long time and current bowler from the Medina area
Dick HooverRetired professional bowler and owner of Hoover Lanes in Brunswick
LevisHunterFormer league and association secretary. Levis’s name is also given to the association’s annual scholarship (deceased)
Ken LucasFormer association officer and instrumental in establishing the youth bowling association in Medina (deceased)
Frank MarksLong time and current bowler from the Medina area
Paul NettletonFormer bowler and association officer from Medina. Paul is also one of the signers of the original association charter
Herb ReitzelOriginal manager of the Medina Lanes and personally responsible for much of the growth in popularity of bowling in the Medina area
Harry WestManager of bowling houses in Lodi and West Salem prior to managing Lafayette Lanes in Medina (deceased)
Jim YoxtheimerFormer association secretary and bowler from Medina. A plaque is maintained by the association recognizing the high scratch team score in each year's tournament in Jim's memory. (deceased)

Class of 1997

Terry ChurchOutstanding county bowler
Anna Belle Cox Longtime supporter of the youth bowling program and YABA Board Member
Russel Knight Sr.(deceased)
Dolores KungliHighly active in the youth program in Medina County
Bill HuffmanLongtime proprietor of Strike-N-Spare Lanes
Lucille WestCo-manager of bowling houses in Lodi and West Salem prior to Lafayette Lanes in Medina

Class of 1998

Thomas ArtersFirst 300 bowler at Strike-N-Spare Lanes. Holds high series at Strike-N-Spare Lanes with score of 835
Edward KungliLongtime county bowler and junior bowler coach. Bowled 300 in Gazette - Medina Lanes Tournament.
Pat S. Noble Past Manager at Lafayette Lanes and Medina Lanes. Has bowled 21 - 300 games and 7 - 800 series.
From ABC records 1988 – 2005
4 – 11 strikes in a row.
1 – 298
1 – 299
4 – 300
3 - 800
Dorothy PandurFounding secretary of the Medina Women's Bowling Association
Scotty & Lois ScottThe original proprietors of Strike-N-Spare Lanes

Class of 1999

Virginia LivingstonVirginia started bowling when Creston opened and bowled until it closed in 1999
Alma LucasAlma was the wife of HOF member Ken Lucas. She was one of the original secretaries and presidents of the Women's Bowling Association.
Steve SadowskiSteve has bowled mainly in Medina and Lodi for 29 yrs. He has several 300's, 800's and has held the highest average in the association several times. He once recorded back to back 800's. Steve has donated several of his awards to the ABC awards system.
From ABC records 1988 – 2005
8 – 11 strikes in a row.
1 – 298
6 – 299
4 – 300
1 - 800
Thelma SteingassShe was active in the early years of the Women's Bowling Assoc
Wanda TottenA long time bowler and board member from Creston, OH

Class of 2000

Jack BrobstNow in his 70’s, Jack was the real pioneer of the Jr. Bowing program. Jack worked in Barberton and knew Jerry Murphy who presided over the Bar-Cop (Barberton – Copley) Junior Bowling Association. Helping Herb Reitzel (manager of the lanes) they started the Medina program and recruited many good helpers.
Charlotte & Jim HuffmanIn 1962, Medina Lanes opened Charlotte was approached to become involved with Medina’s program. Charlotte and Jim (her husband) then worked to get the program going. In the eight plus years that followed, Charlotte was the coordinator of all Jr. bowlers at Medina and reported to Bar-Cop.

Charlotte bowled in ladies leagues, national tournaments and supported both local and state tournaments. Jim bowled in several men’s leagues and tournaments. They both spent many Saturdays as instructors for the junior bowlers in the days when there was a coach on every lane.
Gale RicheyMr. Richey is well known for his bowling accomplishments in the Wadsworth/Akron area

Class of 2002

Barbara BakerMember of Medina WBA for more than 30 years, secretary for 15 yrs., president for 2yrs. Currently 1st Vice President.

Past President, Secretary and Treasurer of various bowling leagues, most recently the Medina Body Shop Ladies Classic.

WIBC member for 38 years and Medina WBA life member. Served as Sgt. At Arms – Ohio Women’s Inter-City Bowling Tournament. Coached in the YABA leagues and served on the MEDWICK association board of directors.
Dennis L. HuffmanBegan bowling at age 10 in exchange for working at the lanes. Owner / Operator of Town & Country Lanes in Creston for about 7 years and at Strike and Spare Lanes in Lodi where the entire staff is made up of family members which provide the bowling alley with a “special touch”.

Has achieved every honor score available from ABC including 6 300’s and an 800. Averaged over 210 for probably two decades and over 220 for several years. Carried a PBA (Professional Bowler’s Association) card for years.

As “The Ball Mechanic” he operates a pro shop at Strike and Spare Lanes where he sells bowling equipment and drills and adjusts bowling balls. He has customers in Nebraska, Colorado and California who still send balls to him to be drilled. In addition, Dennis provides bowling instruction when his services are requested.

From ABC records 1988 – 2005
3 – 11 strikes in a row
2 – 299
3 – 300
1 - 800
Gerald StewartBowled for more than 47 years, bowling at Lake Rec. for 9 yrs., Kolony West for 16 yrs. and Great Oaks for 16 years.. Was a league Sec./ Treas. for 12 yrs. Served as an association director for 20 years including 4 as president and 10 as Sec./Treas. Started bowling at about age 9. Served as Pres. and Sec./ Treas. in the junior leagues. Coached YABA bowlers for 18 years and served as Vice President and director on the MEDWICK board for many of those years.

Most memorable moment was seeing sons Timothy & Jeffrey receiving scholarships at the MEDWICK banquet.
Glenn J. WilliamsPresident of numerous leagues and served as president and sec./ treas. of the local bowling association. Bowled at Kolony West Lanes, Great Oaks Lanes and many other houses in the Akron / Northern Ohio area. Had one sanctioned 300 on lanes 1 & 2 at Kolony Lanes for which he received a diamond ring.

Operated lanes at Kolony, Bowlarama, Akron Coliseum, Eastgate, North Lanes and Great Oaks Lanes. Served on the Greater Akron Bowling Proprietors Association as president for 12 years, treasure of the Akron Bowling Council for 7 years, and Executive Secretary of the Greater Akron Bowling Association. He was assistant producer of Nationwide Television Bowling for AMF and traveled the northeast states producing 133 shows nationwide. He served as Tournament Manager of the Greater Akron U.S. Open Eliminations starting in 1971, Tournament Director of the Sunshine Tournament for Charity and Tournament Director each year for the Firestone Pro-Am Tournament of Champions.

Was inducted into the Tri-County Bowling Hall of Fame.

Class of 2003

Phyllis AbramsWadsworth OH
WREN - three times … 1983, 1984, 1985
Friday Nite League five times
Bell Music League 1967
Tuesday Nite Mixed Doubles 2 times
Ohio Match Union 1948
High Average: 175
High Series: 682
High Game: 279
Other Achievements:
- Won Akron Beacon Journal in Class “BB” in 1957
- Won the team championship in Akron City Tournament
Belongs to the 600 club in Akron as well as the National 600 club.

Offices held:
Sec. Of the Sunday Nite Mixed Doubles 5:30 league for 10 yrs.
Don I. Dressler (“DI”)Wadsworth, OH
ABC Tourn. in NY - Finished 50th
ABC Tourn in NY - “DI” & Glenn Williams bowled 1274.
VFW Nat’l in Lima OH - “DI” & Ted Jackson bowled 1306.
High Average: 202
High Series: 784
High Game: 298
Other Achievements:
Won Akron Beacon Journal Classic @ Ten Pin Lanes in the Falls in 1957
Won squad prize of $350.00 in Peterson Classic in Chicago in 1952.

Offices held:
President, trustee and secretary in leagues and association for 32 yrs. (Enjoyed all of it)
Clint LiezertMedina, OH
Wednesday Night Sportsmen League 1974
Kamalt / Tru-Weld League 1991
Medina Mixed Couples Tournament 1999
Ameri-Cal League runner-up 2000 & 02
Medina Mixed Couples – all events 2001
MBA County Tournament – team event 2003
High Average: 206
High Series: 751
High Game: 299
High Team Game: 1221
In 1994, had a string of 30 games averaging in excess of 220.

Offices held:
President of Stonerollers League
Sec. of Wed. Night Sportsmen league 1972 - 1979
Sec. of Wed. Night Men’s early league 1982 - pres.
Exec. Dir. of Medina Bowling Assoc. 1994 - 2006

Helped the assoc. receive a “Service Award” in 1998.
Expanded the annual “average book” to a “yearbook”.
Founded the assoc. WEB site, http://www.medinabowling.com/

Clint has been an avid bowler for more than 50 years. He has a goal of obtaining a lifetime total of more than one million pins. He has kept track of nearly all of his scores over the past 40 years and can tell you his stats for any pair of lanes he has bowled on from Reno to New York. As of 5/3/03, he has record of 5227 games and 947,992 pins.

Class of 2004

John ConoverManaged: Kolony Lanes, North Gate Lanes, Medina Lanes, Great Oaks Lanes, Riviera Lanes

Bowling Accomplishments:
Started Wadsworth junior bowling program
Started senior citizens bowling program at Kolony Lanes
Won 1975 Medina County Masters
Won Wadsworth Assoc Tournament Team Event, Doubles & Singles Event and All Events
Won Central Ohio Qualifier (COPBA)
2nd place in Ohio Intercity Tournament Doubles Event
Won the Eagles Sportsman Award
Won the Medina Assoc. Doubles Tournament in 1980 w/ Ed Kungli
President of the Wadsworth Bowling Assoc
President of the Wadsworth Eagles #2117 League
Vice President on Medina Bowling Assoc. Board of Directors.
2 Service Awards.

High Series: 794 (15 over 780)
High Game: 2 – 300’s + 2 298’s
"Bud" McCamanBowled within the tri-county area for more than 40 years including several leagues and member of the Wadsworth Board of Directors.

Tri-county qualifier: Finished 4th
High Average: 207
High Series: 788
High Game: 3 – 299’s and 2 – 298’s

Other Achievements:
- Conditioned lanes where Biondelillo bowled a 300 in the PBA Firestone Tournament of Champions at Riviera Lanes.
- Worked at 22 Firestone Tournament of Champions events.
Paul WarnerLong time bowler from the Lodi area.

High Average: 200 + for more than 25 years.
High Series: 2 – 800’s including one this year.
High Game: 7 – 300’s including 2 this year.

Other Achievements:
Won team event in county two years ago
Officer of multiple leagues
Youth coach for many years

From ABC records 1988 – 2005
1 – 298
2 – 299
5 – 300
1 - 800

Class of 2005

Jack MaxwellJack has served on the Medina Bowling Assoc. Board of directors for 17 yrs. During this time he was:
- Chairman of Lane Certification during the times when lanes had to be taped within 24 hrs. of an honor score. It was not uncommon to be called out in the wee hours of the morning.
- President - 1984 to 2006

In addition he served as:
- President of the Friday night No Name League from 1987-1998.
- President of the Monday Mixed Classic Trio
- Member of Carr's Moving and Storage League.
- Member of Jo Jo's Sports Bar League
- Officer on the MEDWICK YABA Assoc. board where he was responsible for the Litchfield Seniors junior league.

Bowling achievements include:
5 - 289's
Qinning the Doubles Championship at the 50th County Tournament in 1991 when he and Chet Foth bowled 1426 (1574 w/ hcp)

Class of 2006

Dale CsuhtaDale is a Wadsworth bowler who bowls at Great Oaks Lanes and in several traveling leagues.

He has been involved in many league and tournament championships and has been selected to numerous "All Star" teams.

Honor Scores:
7 - 800's
20 - 300's
10 - 299's
1 - 298
10+ eleven in a row's
High Average: 228
High Series: 846

Offices Held:
Sec. - Wed. Night Independent League
VP - Horner's Corners League
Pres. - Horner's Corners League
Isadore "Iz" Lonier"Iz" was in the business of building and refinishing bowling lanes. One of his first projects was the construction of Kolony Lanes in Wadsworth and one of his last was the construction of Great Oaks Lanes. In the 40's and early 50's he owned a four lane bowling establishment above Houglan's Hardware that was originally owned by "Pop" Curry.

He bowled with several premier teams across Ohio and in the 40's won the Wadsworth Association Tournament All - Events with 758 in singles, 673 in doubles and 689 in team. His total of 2120 was high for 30 or more years.
Aaron & Nancy TinneyAaron and Nancy bowled at Medina Lanes and Lafayette Lanes.

They have both been VERY active as league officers, members of all of the bowling associations, chairperson of committees and coaches.

For many years they served as tournament directors of the Medina Mixed Couples Tournament which was one of the most "fun and relaxing" tournaments in the area.

They were also very active in the "junior" bowling program as coaches and administrators. Many of the high average bowlers in the county are products of their efforts.

In addition, "Fred" and "Lost Lefty" are fine people.